Weather of Bhubaneshwar

Amazing Weather of Bhubaneshwar

Bhubaneshwar is known as Temple City of India and it is one of the important Hindu pilgrimage centers. This city is popular for its old Orissan style temples. It is situated on the coastal plains of Odisha. This place has tropical climate with hot and humid summers and cold and pleasant winters.

Best time to visit Bhubaneshwar

Most people like to visit Bhubaneswar in winters because of the pleasant climatic condition. November is the most perfect time to visit Bhubaneswar because of the awesome weather condition. This place generally receives chilly winds during December and January. So don’t forget to carry your warm clothes at this time. The winters persist for long time that is from November to March. The minimum temperature drops up to 15° Celsius. Summer season starts from March and ends in May. Summers are hot and humid and maximum temperature goes up to 40° Celsius. This place receives maximum rainfall in the month of July and August so you must carry waterproof clothes and umbrella along with you.

Importance of Weather Forecasting

Weather forecasting plays a very important role in planning your day to day activities. Weather reports help people to make more informed daily decisions. It tells farmer the best time for harvesting crops and with help of weather forecasting airport control tower can send information to planes that are landing or taking off. It helps farmers in taking suitable decisions such as whether to irrigate the crop or not or start complete harvesting and when to apply fertilizers. Weather forecasting warns us about the natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes and tornadoes.Forecast are most significant service that is provided by metrological professional to save life and property. With the help of weather forecast airlines gets enough time reroute their airplanes in case of heavy rain and thunderstorms. Modern weather forecasting is now combining computer models, observation and knowledge of patterns and trends to give more accurate weather forecasts.


Today weather forecasting is now totally based on sophisticated computer models and satellite observation. So if you are going to Bhubaneshwar for a holiday then see the weather forecast to get important updates and information on weather in Bhubaneshwar.
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