In effect Monday, October 22, 2018


There are so many things that are awesome about our dismissal routine. I would like to make a few tweaks to make it even smoother. Please read in detail all information below and speak to either your PAC representative and/or myself if you have questions or concerns. It's really important that every staff member follows this plan to make sure that the traffic flow works and all students are able to get to their dismissal locations safely.

Beginning Monday, Kindergartners will be bringing their backpacks to the hallway outside their special which runs from 2:45-3:25. At 3:25 their teacher will pick them up from special and have them put their jackets and backpacks on and begin our dismissal loop. No one will start the dismissal loop until the Kinder class that has music passes the fourth grade hallway. 4th grade needs to be lined up in the hallway ready to go at 3:28 or whenever Kinder Music class passes them.

Third grade should get lined up and enter the hallway (do not pass the purple) and wait until the fourth grade classes pass them before they enter the dismissal loop.

Krystal and Paul should bring their classes in the double door but wait until third grade passes them to enter the loop.

Second grade can line up in the hall at 3:30 but should not enter the dismissal loop until Krystal and Paul pass them.

First grade can line up in the hall at 3:32 but should not enter until the second grade classes have passed them.

Two classes, side by side, should be moving down the hallway together. Do not cut into the middle of a class, please wait until there is an opening before walking into the dismissal loop. Again, there should only be two classes walking side by side in the hallway.

Why are we doing this?

Currently, our youngest students have to leave special and go back to their classrooms before leaving for the day. Once they are back in their rooms (even though our K teachers are amazing and have them packed up and ready to go) someone inevitably has to use the restroom or engages in silliness and excitement delaying their ability to leave the classroom.

In addition, we can't begin our parent pick up loop until all students have been delivered. Many days we have been waiting on K to get to this spot delaying the loop. I want to stress that our K teachers have done an amazing job in making this work so far this year.