Programmer Perks

By: Ariel Washington


David was so pose to be creating and shipping off a Microsoft program installer for Microsoft 6. Instead he was taking the program and putting on a website of his own and selling it for money as his own product of creating. He was changing the program name and type to make it look as his own product.

Decison Making Process

what is the ethical dilemma ?

  • The ethical dilemma is that David is stealing company merchandise and using it as his own.

what are the facts of the situation ? (at least 2)

  • He is a thief and cant be trusted with software.
  • He received money for stolen and copyrighted material.
  • He lied about selling and stealin unarthorized material

what are the alternatives and the consequence ?

  • He could of created his own product to sell
  • He could be fired and fined for his actions
  • He could have apologized and gave the money back to the company.

what decision would you make?

  • i would have chose to start from scratch and create my own product so that i can really be able to call it my own and not be a thief and possible get fined and fired.

why do you think that's the best decision?

  • I feel like this is the best decision because of all the thing that you have to go though once you be done stole and edited copyrite information. All the money you made is illegal and you are going to have to pay back in the end. You might even end up in jail.