Come on down and visit our wonderful state named Texas

T-E-X-A-S !

Why not come visit Texas?You should come move to Texas and bring your family with you! We do have a small fee for how many acres you want So it would be 12.5 cents (per acre) Also a requierment we ask is that when you apply for land grants, you had to already be or agree to become Catholic. Some become Cathloic to get land, these not honest people were baptized by Father Michael Muldoon. Usally houses are made out of rock & timber. Where timber is found you can make a log house. You have a one room cabin, and as the family grows a second cabin might be built beside it. The fireplace is where you can cook, and the fireplace aloso provided light and warmth for the cabin. The floor is bare ground or later, boards elevated off the ground. Tree moss or corn husks can create matresses but they should get placed out in the sun from time to time to prevent mildew or parasites, such as fleas and lice. So why not come and visit Texas there is so much to get down here and many offers too. Fish in the streams, animals in the forest and on the prarie, food is plentiful for skilled hunters. Come down to Texas it will not be a mistake or regret.