Tuesday Tech Tidbit--2/16/16

A quick look at great technology to make your life easier

Pictures and Copyright

It is so easy to right click to save a picture and then use it wherever we want but is it the right thing to do? Even more, is it the right thing to teach our students to do?

It is our job to teach students how to be responsibility citizens of the internet and that includes giving credit where credit is due when using and citing pictures.

Do your part by making sure that students are using copyright-free images when using images for projects in your classroom. Remind students each time they search for images how to search responsibly and respectfully.

Finding Copyright-Free Pictures Using Google

Be sure to cite the picture correctly!

Big image

Be sure to give credit where credit is due. Google Images does not give ownership or indicate that permission was given to use this image. Be sure to include important information when citing sources.

Questions? Need help?

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