The Warrior's Heart

By: Eric Greitens

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The book "The Warrior's Heart" is an autobiography of Eric Greitens.

Character Analysis

One word I would use to describe the main character, Eric Greitens, is motivated. Through out the book he has been motivated to help people. He took many trips to different countries to learn about their culture and he tried to find ways to help them. He took pictures to bring back to America in hopes to inspire people to take notice of the situation. Eric also became a navy SEAL to help his country. His biggest obstacle was the training camp. If Eric wants to do something he will do anything he can to do it.
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The Warriors Heart is a book about a humanitarian who devoted his life to helping people. Through out this book the authors makes the reader think about what he would do if he/she was in that situation. It makes you think about the choices you make and the way you look at situations. This book shows how Eric Greitens transforms from kid to globe traveling humanitarian then to a navy seal.


The introduction to the story was when it talked about Eric's lawn business. It told where he was: his home town and who was the main character: Eric Greitins The rising action to the story was when Eric went off to college and he went to all his mission trips in multiple countries around the world. The huge turning point to the story was when Eric decided to become a navy SEAL. After that the falling action of the story was while Eric was training at the training camp. The resolution was the moment when all Eric's hard work pays off at during training and he becomes a navy seal.


The main character, Eric, travel to many different countries through out the book but the majority of the book took place in the Navy SEAL training camp.
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