Gifted Learners

Social and Emotional Needs

Types of Gifted Learners

1. Successful

2. Challenging

3. Underground

4. Dropout

5. Double-Labeled

6. Autonomous


Many gifted students struggle to be perfect. They want to meet expectations that parents, teachers and other students have for them. This need to be perfect can really effect gifted students because they are bound to make mistakes. They need to be reminded that mistakes are okay.

"If you're not prepared to be wrong, you'll never come up with anything original." -Ken Robinson

Humor in the Classroom

It is important for teachers of gifted students to use humor in the classroom. Gifted students will often times "get" the jokes there peers may not. Laughter will lower the stress level in the classroom and enhance creativity.

Teacher Tips

-Create a safe environment that encourages students to take risks.

-Use laughter and excitement!

-Reinforce the concept that mistakes are okay and failures lead to success.

-Encourage students to be themselves!