What "If"???

This really was POSSIBLE?

Just takes that 20 seconds of EXTREME courage!

I want you to LOVE this business you started!! You started for a reason, right?
  • love of the jewelry
  • make money
  • save up for something
  • meet new people
  • gain confidence

What is your WHY? Go back to that 'why' and you will muster up the 20 seconds of extreme courage to reach out to all your people (in that confidence inner self I know you have) and start talking about how amazing our Hostess reward program is.

  • offer a Styling Session, not a jewelry party
  • EXTRA $50 in Hostess credits in June (hello? That's an easy one)!
  • tell them you'll get that piece they love for free or at 50% off
  • you'll do all the work....electronic & paper invitations. You can even track it for them
  • it's an excuse to gather with friends you never see, drink wine and play dress up for 2 hours.

If you are up for this, I want to personally work with you for the month of June to help you get a show!
Let work on it together and we can accomplish so much.
You have to WANT this too.
I would like to set up a regular coaching call with you to make this happen.


Like it so far?

Sweeten the Pot!!
You already have an amazing incentive in the month of June:
Sell $1000 in the first 2 weeks of June = bracelet & 1 package of Spring look books
Sell $2308 in June = 1 bracelet from NEW Fall collection & package of Fall look books


QUALIFY with $500 in June = layering bracelet & pair of studs from FALL Collection! That's easier than the 2 incentives above!! Crazy!!! I'm helping build your collection!
And all you have to do is grab those sales.....
  • doing a trunk show is best.
  • "Tote on the Go"....get outside orders from people you know.
  • Email your customers with the Dot Dollars promo!

Who will you reach out to? Who will you reach beyond your friends and family?

I love our team and I'd love to help you!

I'll touch base with you in a couple of days!