Nuclear Engineering

Sarah Qureshi ~ Cole ~ 4B

What is Nuclear Engineering?

Nuclear engineers work to harness the energy released from nuclear reactions. Their field, nuclear engineering, deals with the application of nuclear energy in a variety of settings, including nuclear power plants, submarine propulsion systems, medical diagnostic equipment such as MRI machines, food production, nuclear weapons and radioactive-waste disposal facilities.

What does a Nuclear Engineer do?

Nuclear Engineers research, develop and process they instruments, and systems that derive benefits from nuclear energy and radiation. Many such, are to find the industrial and medical uses for radioactive materials- like, equipment used in medical diagnosis and treatment.

Fun Facts:

* Number of Jobs in this field: 20,400

* Employment Change, 2012-22: 1,900

* More than 430 Nuclear Power Plants in service in 31 Countries around the World

* 100 are in the U.S.A.

* 1/3 of Nuclear Engineers in the US work in Electric Power Generation