Fornacowan Brand Ecobottle!

A New Green Product

Our Product

We decided to construct an eco-friendly disposable water bottle to be used in the place of the common disposable bottles that come in bulk. Our bottle will be composed of polylactic acid (PLA), a form of bioplastic made out of corn.

What Makes this Product Greener?

Fornacowan Ecobottles are better for the environment than any other water bottle. Fornacowan bottles are made out of corn, a renewable resource. This means that consumers do not need to worry about depleting their resources, as is the case with oil. In addition, Fornacowan bottles are compostable. This means that under certain conditions, the bottle will break down into just carbon dioxide and water! This will reduce the amount of plastic in landfills. Another benefit of creating plastic from corn is that it can be cultivated almost anywhere in the world. This reduces transportation costs, and spreads out the production.

What Makes our Production Process Greener?

Not only is the product greener, but the production process is too. Fornacowan bottles are manufactured using 65% less energy than in producing conventional plastics. In addition to that, the production process creates 68% fewer greenhouse gasses. There are no additional toxic chemicals created or released in the production process. Finally, PLA can also be recycled to make new PLA.

What Makes our Green Alternative More Attractive to the Consumer?

This product is more appealing than traditional plastics. Fornacowan bottles have a smaller eco footprint, and are compostable. This resonates with the consumer, who wants to help save the environment. Fornacowan bottles offer a way for consumers to still get the convenient water they want, but not feel as guilty about it. This overall effect makes the product more attractive to major companies, as well. There is money to be made in the bioplastic industry!