Our government's 3 branches

By Eleanor Wu, Jalyssa Ghiggia, Kellie Fajardo, Luz Ticona


The government of the United States of America in consists of 3 branches. The most common way to remember this is to imagine 3 branches with Executive, Judicial and Legislative on each one of them. These three branches all play very important parts. You might think that all the stuff is going on in one place. Washington D.C. However, it effects our actions, everyday life and attitude. This flyer will teach you about each branch, and their jobs.

Executive Branch by Jalyssa Ghiggia, Eleanor Wu

  • The president is known for the head of

the united states government.

  • His behavior is captured on the newspaper, radio, and television

  • He is also responsible to send the army, navy, marines, and air force on tasks.

  • He (the president) has the power to end wars.

  • The president creates agencies that tests the food we eat to make sure it is free from diseases.

  • The president is allowed to veto or sign a law.

  • The Executive Branch makes sure the laws are being followed.

Judicial Branch by Kellie Fajardo

  • There are 9 judges that work in the Supreme Court building.

  • The Supreme Court building is in our countries Capital city Washington D.C.

  • The judges are often called Justices. They are Justices for the rest of their life or until they retire.

  • When someone stops being a Justice the president choices another person to take their place.

  • The Justice has to make sure that the laws made by the congress agrees with the Constitution.

  • They have to study the law to see if they are fair.

The Legislative Branch by Luz Ticona

  • The Congress gives potential, and credit that no other branch has.
  • There are than 500 people in the congress.

  • There are two law making groups those are the Senate, and the House of Representatives

  • Some estates assign many people to the House of Representatives.

  • Every estate sends people to the Senate.

  • The Senate,and the House of Representatives have to vote to make a new law.

The President has to sign the new law.


Our government works hard to make our Country a better place.
We should all stop and think about what we have done to help our nation thrive. The government helps make us, our world and our environment thrive.
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Our Goverment