M.Y. Int Edu

M.Y. International Education Consultancy

offers international students dedicated language schools and academic admissions services.

Learning English in London, Oxford, Cambrige, Liverpool and more...

Why studying English in the UK?

  • UK is the origin of the English language – best place to learn!
  • A rich culture experience for you for your summer.
  • UK is one of the best economies – come here and explore the opportunities!

Why us?

  • We only work with reputable English language schools (such as the award-winning LILA school in London, Oxford School of English, Liverpool School of English, to name a few) to make sure that you will receive good quality of English learning experience.

  • Our Italian staff will be endeavour to help you with all your enquiries – no headaches of trying to understand English over the phone.

  • We are based in the UK, our Italian staff will be there for you while you are doing your course in the UK.