The Federal Burea of investigation is the principal investigate arm of the United States Department of justice.
The Bureau alsois authorized to investigate matters.
The FBI also is authorized to provide other law inforcement angencies.
The mission of the FBI is to uphold the law through the investigation of violations of federal criminal law.
President Theodore Roosevelt belived the national government should play a role in preventing crime.
In 1908 president president Roosvelt formed a group of special agents these agents were part of the Department of Justice.
When FBI agents get assigned to an investigation they first decide how to work together as a team.
The FBI also works with DEA to combat drug trafficking through the DEA'S EL Paso intelligence center.
The FBI is headed by a director who is supported by a Duputy Director.
There are 23 legal attache offices in countries around the world the FBI'S total annual funding for all operartions.
By order of Attorney General George W. Wickerson the special agent force was named the bureau of investigation in 1909.
The FBI'S laboratory Division is one of the largest.
Much of the training given to FBI employees takes place at the FBI Academy.
The document was published by U.S.Department of Justice.
The FBI so far has refused to make the carnivore source code public.
The FBI gets information from the police.
The FBI carries a shield just in case someone try to use a weapon on them.
The FBI carries dogs to find evidence.
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