The Great Wall of China

Travel Brochure by Hallie Reuter


The Great Wall of China is located northwest of Beijing and goes through the countryside over deserts, hills, and plains for several thousand miles. This wall was built by individual states and later after that Qin Shi Huangdi, to keep out invaders and to protect the Silk Road trade. Although this wall was good in theory, it proved to be ineffective when the Mongols and the Manchu were able to penetrate it and get inside China.

Tourist Attraction

This wall is the largest man made structure on Earth as it stretches for more than 4,000 miles in China and can be seen from space. So, in saying that, The Great Wall is a must visit when traveling to China. The history behind the wall intrigues so many as it is very interesting and the panoramic views are breathtaking.

  • Attractions
  • Visit the tourist facilities to buy goods and learn about the Wall's history
  • Take pictures and take in the view
  • Go to the watchtowers
So how do you visit this medieval wonder of the world? Your hotel that you are staying at will be able to organize a trip of a lifetime.