Mrs. Charla Anderson's Newsletter

Week of September 10, 2012

Special Person's Day

Friday, September 7, the Second Grader's 2012 Special Person's Day went off without a hitch. It was so nice to see the kiddos having lunch comfortably in the class room, or in the POD or outside with their Special Person. Thank you family and friends for attending this event and making all our students feel loved.


Math teachers will begin to hand out homework this week. Students will receive it on Monday and it is due by Friday morning. Please let your child complete it independently before assisting him or her. Homework should not take longer than 20 to 30 minutes. Please contact me at with any questions.


The students have their login information for First in Math. I have taped a business-sized card with login information in the yellow Take Home folder. Please allow your child to play math games on the website. Math fluency of basic addition and subtraction facts should be the focus at this time. Work on accuracy first and the speed will come.

Also there should be a number line in the yellow folder. This number line can be used to add and subtract.

SNACK time

Please send a NUTRITIOUS snack to school with your child that can be eaten in about 15 minutes. Good snack choices are grapes, an apple, a banana, carrot sticks, pretzels, fruit roll ups, etc.

Conduct at School

The entire second grade class received a poor conduct report for behavior in the cafeteria last week. As a consequence, we will be practicing proper cafeteria behavior at recess on Monday. Please chat with with your child about proper behavior at school, especially in the cafeteria, rest room and class room.

Greens Prairie Mustangs t-shirts

Greens Prairie t-shirts order forms should have come home with your child. The first t-shirt is free. Additional t-shirts are $4.00. Orders are due by Friday, September 14th.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I cannot thank you enough for your kind emails, comments, and BIG Card regarding my sister's illness. It really helps to know that people care and helped me to feel supported when I felt I could actually fall from the shock of the news. She is out of the hospital and is progressing nicely. She is healing for the next step.

Also, thank you for your patience with my absences. I should be at school now that she is better and at home.

Sincere gratitude and warmest regards.

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