Should students as young as fourteen be allowed to hold jobs


I think that students as young as fourteen can apply to a job.

At fourteen can you buy your own car?

5 reasons that support my claim.

1. Responsibility

Us students as young a 14 should be able to hold jobs because, it will help us become more responsible.

2. Experience adult life

We would develop better surroundings at work and we would learn how businesses work, so someday we could start our own business.

3. Smarter than adults

Some adults slack off and still manage to keep there jobs. Us, teens work faster than adults, and better. Some adults lack knowledge, experience, and responsibility.

4. Conclusion

If we want to work your parents should be happy. Working gives us a chance to become more responsible, experience adult life, and a chance to prove we are smarter than adults.

5. Why

Jobs can teach teenagers work skills they will need their whole lives, such as how to fill an application, how to interview well, how to work responsibly, and how to get along with co-workers and superiors.