News From Mrs. Hanke

Week of February 1st-5th

This Week in Class....

Math: We are still working on fractions! This week we are working on equivalent fractions. Some homework problems may be harder than others. Check your child's Tuesday folders for grades on their "pop" quizzes. These will help determine their average at the end of the nine weeks. I am trying to give them MORE grades to help them!

ELA: We are working on a Revolutionary War informational book in writing. Students may be needing to work on this at home if they do not complete all of their work in class. It is VERY important that they are completing their work, or else they are going to get wayyyy behind and it will be hard to catch up. Encourage them to use their time wisely!

In reading we are working on similes and metaphors. Check out this cool song and video we have to help us remember!


1) Seasons

2) Day and night

--Quiz on Friday. This quiz is kind of hard, so make sure your kids are reviewing their notes DAILY!

Social Studies: Quiz Wednesday--Then we will begin notes on the Articles of Confederation. Quiz will most likely be the next Wednesday.


Friday, February 12th @ 12:00 pm.

Our Valentine's party is the best of the year! We will eat lunch at our normal time (10:50--I am ordering pizza), and then the party starts at 12! We are going to listen to music, enjoy some treats, play a few games, and hand out Valentines. If you are interested in bringing something, sign up sheets will be in your child's Tuesday folder. A list of all the kids in our class is on Canvas under "HR" and "announcements." I only ask that if the kids are bringing Valentine's, they bring enough for everyone!