Two Greatest Presidential Nominees

The care for you more than they care about themselves.

By: Cole Duckworth

The politicians of today care more about us than ever before. There's Donald Trump whose saying, "let's build a wall to protect American jobs and make America great again" and this is just amazing. He cares more about the safety of our jobs that he's willing to build a wall to protect them. Also, he's willing to make America great again which must be the truth because he's doing amazing in the polls. It was just amazing to know that there's someone looking out for us on the Republican side of things who care more about the people than their own advancement in life. Trumps slogan shows how much he cares with "lets make America great again".

However, he's going up against the one and only Hillary Clinton who has promised nationwide health care by not raising any ones taxes. Now would you look at that a president promising nationwide healthcare for the cost of no one's money. That's something a president hasn't promised before. Also her campaigning is designed to show how she cares for you and slogans like, "Hillary for America". The slogan says it all with Hillary for America and nothing else.

These two presidential nominees are showing us that they care about us even if they throw insults back at each other like they're on a playground. Even when they get on a soapbox to tell us how amazing they are and all their credentials to prove it was in order to tell us that they care about us more than themselves. These are just two great presidential nominees right?.