Middle Childhood Childcare



  • Awareness of mid-range sounds develops first
  • Ear infections can be a health problem
  • The Eustachian rube connects the middle ear to the throat


  • By age six most children are ready to read
  • Nearsightedness is the most common vision problem
  • Nearsighted means being able to see up close
  • 25% of children will need to have vision corrected


  • Begin loosing teeth their "baby teeth"
  • By age 12 all of the 20 primary teeth will be replaced
  • Tooth loss can have a psychological effect
  • They become self-conscious


  • Becoming a common problem among school-aged children
  • Characterized by excessive bodily fat
  • Being obese can seriously impact a child's life
  • Overweight parents
  • High blood pressure