By: Harveen Johal


Addition is when you add more to a number. For example 5+2=7 because if I have 5 cakes and add 2 more in total I have 7 cakes.


Subtraction is when you take something away form a number. For example 5-2=3 because if I have 5 cakes and eat 2 of them then I have 3 cakes left to eat.


Multiplication is when you double a number. Example 2 x 5=10 because if I double 2 five times I get 10 or if I double 5 two times I get 10


Dividing is backwards multiplication. Dividing is when you group numbers. For example 4/2=2 because if I have 4 cakes and group them into 2 groups then you have 2 cakes in each group.

The Main Parts You Need To Know in Math