My book report

By Mo'Nae Moody

A Single Shard

This is the main character in the book.His name is Tree- ear.Tree-ear was a so called after the mushroom that grew on tree trunks without benefit of parent seed.A good name for an orphan you could say.

Why I like this book!

This is my book picture.I am glad that I was suggested to pick this book.It is an very interesting book and I suggest that you read it.It is very short and is good.


This is some things about the author.

Linda Sue Park was born in Urbana, Illinois on March 25, 1960, and grew up outside Chicago. The daughter of Korean immigrants, she has been writing poems and stories since she was four years old, and her favorite thing to do as a child was read.

This is the first thing she ever published—a haiku in a children's magazine when she was nine years old:

In the green forest
A sparkling, bright blue pond hides.
And animals drink.

Trailblazer magazine, Winter 1969

This is here website and more and how you could contact her!

You can write to her at