shipping container home

by Holden Garner

about my home

my home has various designs it has the shape of an E. the reasoning behind this was so I was able to use tuck under parking, witch can fit three cars. another reason for the design was so there was easy access to the rooms, its a very simple design.


AutoCAD was what I used to experiment and change my design. it was the beginning steps for my home. I did the elevations as well as the floor plan. I planned where all the utilities/ rooms would go.

first design is sketchup

this picture was my first drawing in sketch up. I wanted to get a good idea of the plan if it was drawn out in a 3D form.
Big image
Big image
Big image

AutoCAD floor plan

these pictures are of my elevations, and final floor plans. I used AutoCAD before I started using sketch up.