My Second Break

by Matthew McDonald

Overcoming Adversity

"My wrist is twisted and the bone is stabbing my skin like it's trying to get out of my wrist." "My fingers are swelled so much it felt like they were going to blow up." This is describing the kind of pain I felt when I broke it. When I did break my wrist, I had to learn to write with my left hand because any of my teachers wouldn't print anything out for me. I had to do everything with my left hand. I lost a lot of muscle in my wrist and I had to go through therapy to build it back up. After seven long weeks in a cast with two pins holding my bone together, I finally get the cast off along with the two pins. I continued to skate with my friends after the 2nd break, but I was wanting to make sure I didn't ever break it again so I started wearing wrist guards. They got in the way a little bit but it was worth the fun.