Peyote, A United States Cactus

Mescaline's Classification and Schedule

Mescaline is the ingredient in peyote, which is a cactus that is small and spineless

Mescaline is a schedule 1 drug

How Is Mescaline Used??

Natives of northern Mexico and the southwestern U.S have used peyote for religious rituals. The mescaline in the peyote has the potential to be extracted from the cactus or the mescaline can be produced using synthetics.
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What Are Common Names of Mescaline or Peyote?

Buttons, Cactus, Mesc, Peyoto

What Are The Psychological and Physical Effects of Mescaline?


-causes illusions, hallucinations of varying degrees as well as altered perceptions of space, time and body image

-a user may experience euphoria (a state of intense happiness and self-confidence)


-nausea in intense stages


-pupil dilation

-increase in:

-heart rate

-blood pressure

-body temperature

-heavy perspiration because of higher body temperature


-weakened muscles

-impaired coordination

Is Mescaline Legal In The United States??

No...the Controlled Substances Act made Peyote and Mescaline a Schedule 1 drug, so it is illegal in the United States

How Can Mescaline and Peyote Be Abused??

The buttons on the cactus are chewed or soaked in water, which produces the intoxicating liquid, mescaline.

The buttons also can be ground to a powder and placed in capsules to be swallowed.

Peyote can also be smoked with a leafy material (tobacco)

How Fast Is Tolerance Built?? What Happens When Withdrawl Sets In? And Is It Addictive??

Tolerance is built between 3 and 6 days after using mescaline or peyote daily.

If a person goes through a time of abstinence, within a few days the desire to need the drug comes back.

There is no reported phyiscal or pschological dependence while peyote and mescaline have the potential to be addictive.

How Does Peyote and Mescaline Get Into The United States

The peyote plant is a type of cactus, and many cactus' grow in the southwestern U.S.
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How Much Does Mescaline Cost??

The cost of Mescaline can vary depending on the form that it comes in....the average price is $100-200 per gram.

U.S, Maryland and Harford County Statistics

In 2008, Monitoring the Future Survey reported that 7.8% of high school seniors had used hallucinogens (not including LSD) at least once

U.S prevelance: 7.8%

Maryland: unknown

Harford County: unknown


-rehab and recovery treatment:

-monitoring to ensure protection

-private room with simulations being limited

-patient may have to become sedated to lessen the withdrawl symptoms

-understand the addition root

-support groups

-educational classes

-family support

-after-care/extended care