My Oregon Trail Experience

Entry 1

. It was the first day on the trail the wind was calm and the sun was bright. I could see the Missouri river from a distance. When we arrived there we had a choice, we could either take the fairy across or we could cross the river with our wagon. I chose the safe way and went across on the fairy. The cost was 25 dollars. It was the next day, we were crossing the plains and we went hunting. I hunted a deer and got 15 pounds of meat. And lost one box of ammunition. But, it was worth it.

. The rest of the week was fine until we ran into a Indian. He said whoever could hold up books on their head the longest would have no punishment. We had no punishment because Natalie held up the books for the 2nd longest time. The rest of the wagons lost 50 pounds of meat. The next day was very cold and we needed wood for a fire. Wagons who did not have wood would get 100 delay points. Fortunately, all of our wagons brought wood with them.

Entry 2

. I have been on the Oregon Trail for three weeks now. Nothing bad has happened yet. Until the next morning when the wagon tipped over. It was life or death. Lauren a member of our wagon train had been on her wagon when the wind picked up. Next thing you know Lauren's wagon tips over. But fortunately she survives and only has a broken leg. The next day we were about half way there. But then we ran into a chief of the Indians. he said he wanted to test the wagons' leaders strength. he tested on how long they could lay on there stomach with their legs up. Natalie gives up and gets second to last. So we had a penalty, we gain 500 delay points and we loose all of our ammo boxes.

. We were about to cross a desert for a month. But we needed a lot of water and supplies. If your wagon did not have water you would gain 500 delay points. In our case all of our wagons brought water so we gained 300 speed points. A month went by and we had to cross a river we could either take the fairy which cost 45 dollars or cross the river with your wagon. People who went across with their wagon, get tipped over and they loose 100 pounds of supplies. After the horrible incident we go hunting. I killed a deer an received 10 pounds of meat.

Entry 3

. Next week we hit a four way trail, we could either take the massacre trail or the safe and calm trails. The massacre trail was the shortest of the four and the other three were longer than the massacre trail. But, we heard that the trail is Indian burial grounds and that the Indians would kill them if they did not turn back. After a few hours of being on the massacre trail Avery's wife had a baby. Unfortunately after there was life, there was death. Salami's baby dies at two months old after falling off the wagon and getting ran over. it was a sad day. But it got worse, I get stung by a scorpion the next morning, it hurt so bad.

. 2 days later we pass a forest. We decide to go hunting. Since we lost all of our ammo from the Indian chief we have to use animal traps to hunt animals. I killed a deer with my animal trap and received 15 pounds of deer meat. A week passes and guess what the Indian was right, it was Indian burial grounds and they attacked us. We fight them off but one Indian with a bow shoots me in the right arm. My other wagon friend Lauren also got shot in the arm too.

Entry 4

. We were almost done going on massacre trail until we ran in to a land slide. Our whole wagon train needed shovels and pickaxes. Who ever did not have a shovel, the wagon train would gain 150 delay points. We gained 300 delay points. The next day it starts raining very hard. And 100 pounds of our food became spoiled, but it was okay I had 150 pound of meat.

. A week passes on the massacre trail and we had to clime with our wagon up a gigantic hill. In that case we had to cut our wagons wait by 50 percent. That means we lost 500 pounds of stuff. While we were climbing the hill the oxen's rope broke and we had to replace it, fortunately we brought a repair kit. The next day we made it out of massacre trail. But, when a few days passed we had another intersection of 4 trails. We chose the snowy path because it was the fastest way. But after a week of going down the trail a blizzard hit causing a land slide. We could not go past it. We were trapped and had no where to go. We became carnivores and started eating each other. I am the last one and who ever reads this show them the harsh times on the Oregon tra-----