Nepal's Child Goddesses

Chance Haney. Nov 2, 2015


A Kumari is a living goddess who can heal the sick and see into the future, they usually embody a female deity revered by both Hindus and Buddhists. Kumaris can't leave there house, except to attend festivals and even then, they can not touch the ground. Once a Kumari leaves your body, you are supposed to resume a normal life, but most retired Kumaris have trouble living a "mortal life". Being a Kumari is both and honor and a burden.

supporting details

1.The girls—there are currently 10—are chosen by priests based on their lineage and horoscope, and they’re sought out daily by people for blessings of protection and prosperity

2.Retired kumaris often have trouble readjusting to “mortal” life.

3.“It is an honor to be chosen as a kumari,”

4.Today, the tradition exists only in Nepal, and it’s waning.

Real world Application

To inform people about a great tradition that is dying
Nepal's Controversial Child Goddess