Russian Nesting Dolls

Kelly Freeman

Cultural Factors

Russian nesting dolls are an old tradition of the Russian people. They represent maternity and fertility. These dolls can be used to show the different events and people of Russia.

Social Factors

Russian nesting dolls are often given as gifts between people. They can have different meanings. They are fun representations of expression.

Economic Factors

These dolls are quite expensive as compared to other types of dolls. They are hand-made and require much skill to create. The price range is well over $100.

Political Factors

Some of these dolls represent humorous caricatures of different political leaders. They can display different happenings of Russia. These types of dolls are non-traditional.

Traditional Characteristics

Traditional nesting dolls all look generally the same. They depict a young Russian girl in traditional Russian clothing, typically with a basket in hand. The last doll is usually a baby wrapped in a diaper.
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Non-Traditional Characteristics

Non-traditional dolls are more fun and miscellaneous. These depict different things such as sports and politics. These are generally cheaper than the traditional Russian nesting dolls.
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