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What Is A Vendor Event?

A Vendor Event is usually comprised of different direct sales people that come together in one location to display their products and company information. Each person pays a small fee to the coordinator and then is given a space in the room. Each vendor invites customers and friends and the coordinator also advertises the event too.

The advantages of a vendor event is that you have access to new potential clients, new team members and you have the ability to book parties, grow your list, etc. The key to vendor events is shining like at star during the entire time and talking to as many people as you can.

Events are a great way to get warmed up and learn to feel comfortable talking with people. You are able to practice and get more use to talking about your products and business. Start off small and find a few small events in your area. They can pay off for your Origami Owl business in huge ways.

Here are some tips for you to remember so that if you choose to display your Origami Owl products at an event you will have a successful outcome.

1. Make sure your jewelry is in clean and sparkly condition.
2. Take eye-catching tablecloths to the event to cover your tables.
3. Make sure you have plenty of catalogs, order forms & business cards on hand to give out.
4. Arrange all of your demonstration items in an attractive display and group similar items together.
5. If you are building a team, take several business opportunity information packs with you to the event.
6. Take the time to chat with other reps that are there.
7. Arrive early to the event and have everything set up and presentable at least 20 minutes before guest start arriving.
8. Take a money bag with you to collect checks and cash money in.
9. Dress appropriately for the event you are attending and be professional.
10. Make sure to talk to customers.

Are You Ready To Shine Like A Star?

I hope this has been helpful for everyone wanting to do events.
I have been blessed to be invited into several Net-working groups & My Local Community Market. I am doing 6-8 Events each month and I love them.
If you have any questions about events, please let me know.
Team Leader, Pam Gunn