Louis Zamperini

Zamperini is my definiton of a hero!

Why do i think that Zamperini is a hero?

He started out as an average person, then in his first year of high school, his brother wanted him to try out for the cross country team, so he did, and he was a really fast runner, later on e became a professional Olympian. Until, he volunteered to serve in the WW2, he was a bombardier.

World War Two Bombardier.

Louis Zamperini was a WW2 bombardier who got into an accident(airplane crash), which caused him to stay on the Pacific ocean on a raft for 47 days. While he was on the raft, he was saved by the Japanese, and they took him as an american slave, and because he was very famous, the Japanese wanted to kill him.
''Louis was blessed with not only an extraordinary personal will to succeed and an amazing gift of athleticism and talent, but with the power to find it within himself to forgive. The story of how Louis Zamperini, as told by Luke Zamperini, was able to ultimately triumph over those who subjected him to his darkest hours is a tale you will never forget.'', online.
Louis Zamperini at '58 San Francisco Crusade


I believe that Louis Zamperini is a hero because he gave up his Olympian career to serve in the WW2 a to help the United States. He could have just stayed an Olympian and have a great life, but he decided to help his country.
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