Sixth Grade AIG - October 2015

Academically-Intellectually Gifted Program for Sixth Graders

So Far in Sixth Grade AIG...

Our sixth grade AIG students have been hard at work these past few weeks. In their Transition Study Groups (TSG) that meet once each week during their English-Language Arts class, they have been studying what “giftedness” really means. This week they presented artwork to the class with a focus on public-speaking and presentation skills, while also exploring ways that we can give purposeful and constructive feedback to their peers. Students seemed to really enjoy sharing about their gifts, talents, and interests.

In sixth grade English-Language Arts, all AIG students are working on a character project designed to further explore “identity,” the concept of the year. Through all of our work in AIG, we'll use the conceptual lens of "Identity" to go deeper and think more critically about the content we are learning. Students will be working on a project with Mrs. Nichols in which they will write three character essays (two essays about characters from their book club books and one essay about themselves). These essays have to be 100 words or less, so students know they have a challenge ahead of them! The essays will be converted to “Animoto” videos and we’ll continue to use our feedback skills with each other throughout the revision process.

*Your student can join Mrs. Nichols’ Google classroom so that all the information for the project is easily accessible throughout the next month.

Many of the skills taught and reinforced in TSG are skills that our AIG students will use over and over again in the years to come. Giving and receiving feedback, public speaking, meaningful reflection, and academic risk-taking are just a few of the ways we help our AIG students to be successful in their transition to and from middle school. Our next unit will focus on creative thinking and problem-solving.

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