Principal's Corner #36

May 3. 3019

May 13: The Day the Kids Ran the School

Monday, May 13th is the day the kids will run the school auction item. Below is the list of students who will be participating. After you have accounted for these students, please send them to the conference room. We will go over expectations with them.

Principal ALL DAY (Lunch at 11:30)

Gianna Lantz - Layman

Mason Song – Jansen

Gabby Angola - Hall

Assistant Principal ALL DAY (Lunch at 11:30)

Jack Lantz -Dennstedt

Avery Brown – Dennstedt

Leila Rifkin – Litschewski

ART 1/2 Day8am to 11:30 (lunch with students a 10:35)

Emma Brown – Gelwick

Librarian 1/2 Day

Piper Vap - Buell

Music 1/2 Day 8am to 11:30 (lunch with students a 10:35)

Lyra sater - Hargreaves

Office Manager/Registrar 1/2 Day 8am to 12:15 (lunch with students at 11:30)

Izzie vap - Wehrle

PE 1/2 Day 12:15 to 2:40 (lunch with students at 10:35)

Elli Demonbrun – O’Brien

Stem 1/2 Day 8am to 11:30 (lunch with students a 10:35)

Emery Davis - Hargreaves

Lunch Manager

K: Jonas Keys - Lang

1st: Ellie Johnson – O’Brien

2nd: Drew Berkley– Morris Sydney Berkley - Stroeher

3rd: Paulina Zajd - Minatta

4th: Katie Johnson - Burris

5th: Rylee Soifer - Dennstedt


2020 Standards

Please take a minute to read over the memo I received from Mike Giles regarding Colorado Academic Standards for the 2019-20 School year. In addition to this memo, here is a link to the standards to use as you plan for the 2019-20 School year.

2019-2020 Staff Feedback Form - Remember to complete this survey ASAP.

Math Update

Hey teachers! Kristina Layman here. This year, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to be part of CCSD’s Math Cohort. It has been an incredible experience of learning with and from my fellow elementary cohort members through shared readings and classroom observation opportunities. We have focused on facilitating math workshop and building the identity of ALL math students through utilizing equitable teaching practices and the Standards of Mathematical Practice. This learning has transformed my math classroom! Next year, I will be facilitating a mini cohort here at Cottonwood. While you do not need to commit to anything now, I wanted to plant the seed and see who might be interested.

Being a part of Cottonwood’s math cohort means that:

  • You’ll attend the Standards of Math Practice training in September
  • We’ll meet after school to ground our learning through reading and discussing articles together
  • We’ll have lab days in which we observe math workshop in action (along with pre-brief and post-brief sessions)
  • You’ll receive CREDIT for the work you do!

If you’re interested (this isn’t binding, so don’t worry!), please fill out this quick Google form:

Additionally, check out this Math Cohort HYPE VIDEO for more information:

See Kristina Layman with questions! Thanks!

Class List Reminders

Step 5: Honoring final requests

Admin will meet with grade level teams on Thursday, May 16th during your teams planning period to ensure children are placed in the most optimal learning environment.

Professional Learning Opportunities

Check out the great professional learning opportunities taking place this summer. The link to our Summer EdVentures website can be accessed from this email.

Our new registration link, PD Pro can also be accessed from our tile in myEmployee.


Printing Inventory

On Monday, May 13th, the district will be at COT to conduct a detailed inventory of all printing devices, including Xerox devices, desktop printers, fax machines and any other miscellaneous printers (wide format, 3D, etc.). This process will require a walk-through of every room. They are doing this at every school. The walk-through will be conducted by a small team from Lewan and a representative from Fiscal Services.

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Other Important Dates

  • May 13: The Day the Kids Ran the School
  • May 13: Field Day Staff Meeting 3:00
  • May 14: Katie and Ashley out in the AM
  • May 14: School Accountability Meeting 6:00, STEM Room
  • May 16: 2:00 Assembly, PM Assembly Schedule
  • May 16: Staff List Meeting with Admin during planning
  • May 17: FIELD DAY
  • May 20th @ 2:35 DI "Parade"
  • May 21: Katie out in the AM
  • May 22: Katie out in the AM
  • May 22: Kindergarten Graduation 1:00
  • May 23: 5th Grade Continuation 8:30
  • May 24: Last Day of School, 11:00 Dismissal