Digital Scrapbook of the Bombing

By: Griffith

How we reacted and prepared?

My family and I were surprised, but not really. We knew that we were involved in the war and we were a big target to Germany. We had expected some kind of attack, but nothing such as fierce as this, a continuous bombing. We had been told by many people that the safest place to hide was in the subway tunnels. This sounded like a splendid idea, so I told my family to bring everything they could carry because I knew there was a good chance that our house would be damaged/destroyed.
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How did we survive and where did we go to survive?

During my family's preparation day we had heard rumors that the tunnels were the best, so we took their word and made our way to the tunnels. Many British people were in the tunnels. The tunnels seemed like the best spot simply because they were underground, which was safe from the airplanes dropping bombs.
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What did Winston Churchill do?

The prime minister of Great Britain, Winston Churchill, responded by sending the Royal Air Force to bomb Berlin. Hitler was deserving of this because he had bombed us for 56 straight nights, AHHHH! Although our bombing was not as successful, it sent a message that we are resilient.
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Our resistance has grown strong

After enduring that outrageous bombing, we had shown that we are very resilient. We have shown that we will not surrender because we have strengthened greatly. We have grown our resistance by showing we refuse to surrender after a mass bombing.
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We emerge from the tunnels...

When my family and I were notified that Germany had given up on attacking us we emerged from the subway tunnels. We walked the 20 minute walk home. As we walked we became nervous because all of the houses were completely destroyed. Once we arrived home, we saw nothing but rubble. My family's feelings were nothing but tarnished. We had to slowly rebuild and hope for the best. Several months later he had moved into a new house with other family's because we couldn't afford it without help. Life was better than rubble, but it was a tough time. At least we made it out alive.
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