Level 4 Design Expo


Level 4 Design Expo

We're having a Level 4 Design Expo were showing what we have built in the last few weeks and you're invited :)

When and where

Thursday, Dec 6th, 6-7pm

29 Livingstone Road

Vermont South, VIC

We're having a Expo :)

My project

I'm making a shoe stand for my dad because everyone keeps throwing their shoes all over the place making it untidy but he has nowhere to put the shoes that's why he needs my help :)


I started of researching what wood and different pallets I was going to use then I moved on to the designs and I let Julian (dad) decide which one he wanted and he made a comment on each one.


Then I started to build the shoe stand hammering the wood in and using linseed oil so the colour doesn't turn grey.


I painted the sides with feet in different colours and I tested it out and the shoes fit perfectly an dim happy with it and so is Julian


The problem I had with it was


We all have our own names for each group ours is Hexahara Solutions. All the 5&6 will be there you can have a look at your child's work and other children's work. You can see what the children have been hard at work with. We hope you can make it and have a great time. It's is our class logo below