The V.I.P of the Middle Ages


Intro to the V.I.P

This content in which you are about to set your eyes on will inform you on three V.I.P (very important people) in which i would like to recognize. The three people in which will be in order are Joan of Arc, King John, and william the Conqueror ( still cant get why he has that name).

Saint Joan of Arc

Biographical Info

Joan was born in 1412 in Domremy, France and died may 30 1431 in Rouen, France. She was known as a notable warrior saint with a very short temper. She was a great female leader who was yet still very little violent. She had her own way of doing things and would not back. She shows that she is a V.I.P threw her whole life.
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Memorable moments

Joan has been threw many things in her life, at the age of 13 she began to recieve divine visons of St. Michael (captain of the armies of heaven), St. Catherine, And St. Margaret (both martyrs). Later she set out to King Charles VII (uncrowned stil) and told him, ''I have come to raise siege of orleans and to aid you to recover your kingdom. God wills it so. After i have raised the siege i will conduct you to Reims to be consecrated. Do not distress yourself over the english, for i will combat them in any place i find them I find them. That was the quote she said to the king.


Joan is a very tough woman who continues on her job no matter what. During the relief of Orleans she suffered a foot wound from a spiked caltrop and a crossbow wound above the breast and she made the command to stay in action for her men. We should care about because she led the Frence against the English wuthout backing down, she had the heart to stay up to relieve Orleans, she had the backbone to never back down in a battle. 25 years after here death she became a central figure in the folkore of French nationalism.

King John

BioGraphical Info

King john also know as John Lackland was born 24 of December 1166 and died either on the 18 or 19 of October 1216. King John was ver young in his rule he was king on the 6 of april 1199. So most thought he wasnt really able to lead because of his age.
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memorable moments

Jonh was one of the most contraversial moarchs of thr medieval England. Onte of the most important things that John has done was the signing of the magna carta. This is latin for great charter, it was the first document John had signed. The magna carter is a document in which you sighn your powers are not full but limited and so others are able to keep there priveleges.


John was a very doubted king and didnt have very many succesions in life but he did try hard for the kingdom. He has been in many war trying to expand the england kingdom, he did fail many time but had some losses. He had loss Normandy but was trying desperatly to get it back. The legacy after king john wasnt very big behing him. The magna carter had failed and his son henry III took throne

William The conqueror

Biographical info

William was born in around 1028, in Falaise, Normandy the son of Robert I, Duke of Normandy.On his father's death in 1035, William was recognised as heir.He died 9 of september 1087, he is a hard fighting king who spent most of his reign fighting off invaders.
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Memorable moments

As you know William names are not short handed he has truely earned the title conqueror. He has probably travled across many lands taking them all. One of his most important batlles was the battle of Hastlings. This battle was agianst king harold, this batlle lasted for a day and was fought hard. Williams troops were losing but something happened there was a rumor that Harold was killed by the Duke but no one really knew. They decided to bury his body there secretly