2nd Fight for Independance

by: Cam Bell

Important People

James Madison was very important because he was Secretary when Thomas Jefferson was president. So was Dolley Madison, nicknamed the First Lady because she helped James Madison win president and saved an important picture from the Whitehouse when the Britsh burned down the WhiteHouse. Andrew Jackson also was important. He was a Major General during the war of 1812, but then became the seventh president.

Cause of War/Native Americans

The war started because the British found out that we were trading with France and the British. So they blockaded our French ports and burned down the Whitehouse. The native American tribes in the lower Great Lake were the Shawnee, Potawatomi, and the Ojibwa. In the Muscogee Creek were the Seminole, Choctaw, Cherokee and Chickasaw.

Effects of War

Some of the major effects of the war of 1812 were increased patriotism in the United States and increased respect for the US from other countries. The US military and manufacturing were also strengthened. There was also a decline in the power of the Federalist party, as well as less threat from Native Americans.

Dates/ Opinions

During 1803 and 1812, the British began to impress us until 1812. In 1812 we declare war on the British. In 1813 British and Indian allies repel American troops at the Battle of Frenchtown (present-day Michigan). In 1813 the Battle of Crysler's Farm happened (Canada). My brother lives there and he said it was horrible. In 1814 the treaty of Ghent was signed. The war was over. Everyone was happy again.


Durin the war we lost 76 lives, but they lost 2,000. We out planned them pretty bad.