Come to our shindig ya'll!!!!!!!!!!

Come to our shindig for our own Davy Crockett's Birthday

Davy Crockett is havin' his very first celebrated birthday!!

Davy's havin' his birthday and hopes for you to come, the Party host is going to be Paul Bunyan's ox Babe!!!!!!!!!!

Activties (full participation wanted)

1. Sharp Shootin'

2. Coon skin hat makin'

3. Horse Ridin'

4. Rifle Buildin'

5. Trappin' Animals

Davy Wants...

  • A new Coon skin hat (Brown Please!)
  • A new musket
  • An axe
  • New Leather Clothes
  • New Bear Trap Co. bear trap

Our refreshments and Food.

  • Squirrel Kebabs
  • Sally Ann Butter Milk
  • Cider