Transition Elementary to Secondary

A Parents Guide

Patrick's Path to Success!

We are looking forward to having Patty join us in September 2017!

The transition from elementary school to secondary school is an exciting time for students and their parents/guardians. Students typically look forward to a new school, new friends, and new opportunities and are quite hopeful and confident in their abilities to cope with the changes that a new school brings.

While most students’ perceptions of this life transition are positive, it is also quite normal for students AND parents/guardians to express anxiety and unease about the transition. We are here to help by answering all your questions!

What is a Transition Meeting?

A transition meeting is an opportunity for parents, practitioners and other people who have been involved with a child during their early years, to meet with school staff and discuss how best to support the child on transition into school.

Members of the Transition Team

These will always include the school and parents. They may also include other people involved with the child (e.g. area inclusion coordinators, outreach providers, speech and language therapists, health visitors, educational psychologists).

Purpose of the Meeting

A transition meeting is often helpful for other children including:

  • Children with complex special educational needs (SENs) where there has been a significant amount of involvement from outside agencies.
  • Children who are at early years action plus of the SEN code of practice
  • Children who are potentially vulnerable at points of transition and where there is a need for detailed planning and sharing of information (e.g. children who may be very anxious about transition to school, children looked after, children where there have been child-protection concerns)

What Happens Next?

All recommendations will be implemented in order to make Patty's transition to high school as seamless and successful as possible!
Total support will be achieved by the whole transition team.
We'll be ready for you Patty!


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