New Super Hero In Town!

Super Hero Scoop Here!

Who Is He? Why is he here?

There is a new super hero is town! He has come in peace, and he has given us the reason for his arrival in this latest Article by yours truly, Alex Wilhelm.

His Name is, Mr. Incredi-Bill, he has come to protect us from the injustice of big business and monopolies with his strong arms of trust busting justice! He has also come to advance civil reforms, strengthen the interstate commerce commission, and improve the postal service.

There is a new a new slogan the people have made for him,"Helping Trust-Bust for you and me since before 1903."

Mr. Incredi-Bill also told us of his nemesis, "The Big Business Monopoly Mobster." He got his name by making money off the monopolizing of big businesses. Some of the following crimes committed by The "BBMM" were, influencing the economy, gaining spoils, victimizing of businessmen and citizen activists, curtailing of the common man, and controlling the marketing of certain good and products.

Mr. Incredi-Bill, also tells us of his sidekick, The Octopus, who joins him from California after battling "The Corrupted Rail-master," and help farmers and racnchers get the fairness the deserve.


This Just In, in an epic struggle of good vs. evil, Mr. Incredi-Bill vs "The Big Business Monopoly Mobster." All the details here, Mr. Incredi-Bill, under the jurisdiction of the Sherman anti-trust act enacted 90 law suit punches to try and knockout The "BBMM." He was close and in the epic struggle he wins the fight, not completely knocking out The "BBMM" but still winning. The "BBMM" says it will be back, its voice sounding like a roaring industrial hiss, but for now the day is saved thanks to Mr. Incredi-Bill!

The Progressive Era Superhero President!


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