Tracer Bullets

A tracer bullets are bullets that have a hollowed base with a little bit of road flare. The road flare burns very brightly which makes it visible to anyone. When used it is usually loaded every fifth round in a machine gun belt which is known as the four-to-one tracer. They can also be placed at the end or one of the last few in a clip to alert the shooter their out of ammunition.
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Even though the tracer bullets were advantageous to gunners and military strategists, they made it easier for enemy to track the source of where it was fired and issue counterattacks.
They were made by the British to be able to see if they hit their targets at night.

There are 3 different types of bright, subdued, and dim tracers. Bright tracers can be seen as soon as they leave the barrel. Subdued tracers burn at full after at 100 or more yards. Dim tracers burn very dimly but are clearly seen by night-vision equipment.

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