All About Me

By Dominique News

I Like To Play Soccer

I play soccer for Langhorne Neshaminy United Soccer Club. My sister plays too! My team is an A team.

I Love To Listen To Music

My three favorites are Pink ,Ed Sheeran and Macklemore. I'm going to Ed Sheeran concert on September 18th 2013!!!! I will pretty much listen to anything.

I Love Animals!

I have a cat named Zero, who is very fat. I want a dog but my mom doesn't want one. I like to work with animals.

When I Grow Up I Want To Be...

1) An Interior Designer
2) A Vet
3) A Hair Stylist

My Favorite Foods Are

1) Pizza
4) Hoagie dip *its really good*

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My Phone

I cannot live without it! I'm on it 24/7 it is a really bad habit.I have an iphone 4. It's my life!!!!!!

I'm Obsessed With Minions!

Minions are my favorite little creatures. My phone case is a minion. My favorite game on my phone is minion rush!!!!