Weekly Newsletter for Arcado Teachers & Staff

Happy Valentine's Day!

I put a little treat in your mailbox to enjoy when you return to school Monday. Thank you for loving our students and each other!

Our sympathies to Ms. Georgie, Retired Arcado Clinic Worker

Ms. Georgies' husband, Tom, passed away early this morning, 2/14/2014. As many of you know Ms. Georgie retired two years ago to stay at home with Tom who had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's. Then this past summer, he was diagnosed with bladder cancer. I will communicate funeral arrangements with you when they are available. I do know Tom Wages, Snellville is in charge of arrangements.

Our new school publication, The Keys To Learning

Starting Monday, 2/17/2014 I will begin a weekly publication that will be sent out to Arcado families and staff. This publication will replace our monthly Astroflash newsletter. You will receive it in the same format of the new Keynotes. WATCH OUT WORLD.....I AM "ON LINE"! I will send both the Keynotes and The Keys to Learning via email, School Messenger, and Remind 101. I hope you like them! :o)

I do need to know how many hard copies each teacher needs on a weekly basis. Most parents are online but some still are not. Please help me by completing the survey below and noting how many hard copies we need to make for you to send home in Monday Folders.



After playing in the snow and enjoying some unexpected time off...The question on everyone's mind is, "When do we make up all these days?" Well...the answer to that question at this moment is, "I don't know!" I know our leaders at our Instructional Support Center (ISC) are working on amending our calendar as we speak. As soon as I get any updates, I will communicate them to you. For now, our focus is on getting back into a routine of Teaching and Learning!

Parent/Teacher Conferences

You will want to remind parents that you sent home the conference invitation in Monday Folders. Snow days do cause a lack of routine in many households. Confirm conference dates and times with all parents this week.

Here is a blurb you can put in your weekly newsletter relating to early release:

Parent conferences are coming up! Early Release days are Wednesday, February 26 and Thursday, February 27. Students will be dismissed at 12:15 PM, so please be sure to make child care plans for this early dismissal time and write me a note with your plans.

A look at next week!

PTA Family GLOW Dance Friday, 2/21

The PTA is hosting a winter glow dance on Friday, February 21 from 6:30-8:30. There are several staff members, including myself, who are going up to Chattanooga for the staff retreat on Friday after school. I am asking for staff volunteers to be present at the dance on Friday night. I feel it is important to have staff presence at PTA events. I have found that staff members are the best at monitoring the bathrooms and hallways as well as outside under the bus portico (weather permitting). Please use the link below to sign up to help. Thank you bunches!


February Staff Development & Collaborative Planning

Fisher & Frey on YouTube

Great videos for teachers to view together during staff development and/or collaborative planning.

Heinemann Publishing on YouTube

Another excellent source for teaching videos focusing on literacy instruction.