Second Grade News

September 4-8

Parent Information Night

Thank you for attending Parent Information Night. Please see the link below if you were unable to attend or need any reminders.


If you choose to have your child take home his/her iPad, please make sure that you have completed and returned the Device Trust Card-Home Use form. iPads must be fully charged and at school each day. Students must also bring their chargers to school, as well. Thank you for ensuring your child has his/her device at school, so that their learning is not disrupted.

Important Information

Homework Begins! Math homework begins this week. Students will receive their math homework on Monday. They should complete one section per night. For example, they will complete Monday's section on Monday, Tuesday's section on Tuesday, etc.

Tardy Information: The first bell rings at 7:35 and the second bell (the tardy bell) rings at 7:40. If your child is not in the classroom at 7:40, he/she is counted tardy. Please allow a few extra minutes in your morning schedule to allow for walking down the hall after drop-off.

Snacks: Students may bring a healthy snack each day. Our snack time is short, so please bring snacks that can be eaten quickly and easily. Examples of healthy snacks are cheese sticks, goldfish crackers, chopped vegetables, or peeled and sliced fruit. Sugary foods such as candy, cookies, cakes, chips, etc. are not allowed for snack time. Please do not send any peanut or nut items for snack time.

P.E.: Students are asked to wear or bring tennis shoes each day for their P.E. rotation. Second graders have P.E. each day for 25 minutes.

Birthday Celebrations: Food items are not allowed for birthday celebrations. If you would like to send something to honor your child, please choose items such as pencils, stickers, or possibly a book donation to the library.

Take-Home Folders: Please check your child's purple take-home folder each day. This is where you will find homework, any notes that need to go home, and graded papers.

Parent Volunteers

All classroom and field trip volunteers must read the Volunteer Handbook and complete the online background check form: Volunteer Background Check. This must be completed annually. Please make sure you have completed both of these for the school year 2017-2018. If you are a Friday Reader and have not yet completed these, please do so and allow 7-10 days for the background check to process. Thank you.

Curriculum Connection

Math: Place Value to 99; Problem Solving

Science: Basic Needs of Plants and Animals

Humanities: Retelling Stories; Comparing and Contrasting Plots and Settings; Texas Symbols

Important Dates

Thursday, September 21- PTA Meeting /Ice Cream Social 6:30 PM

Friday, September 29 GES Bank ( 7:15-7:40 AM / GES Cafeteria)

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