what you need to know about aids

Cause and summary of Illness/ symptoms of the disease

The cause of aids is having sex whether you have it oral, anal, vaginal it has all the same risks of getting. The effects of having aids includes attack of the immune system, flu-symptoms, fatigue, strain on the heart, kidney damage, eating problems, skin sores, and bumpy skin.

history of desease

In 1981 there was men (gay) that were reported to have PCP and there was also reports of people that used needles that had PCP (pneumocystis carinii pneumonia). There were 270 reported cases of gay men with severe immune deficiency, 170 of those men died of it. In 1982 there was suspicion of the immunity deficiency being cause by sex, so they started to call it gay-related immunity deficiency or GRID. In 1985 the US were testing Aids and trying to find a cure, then Rock Hudson died and left $250,000 to the american foundation for Aids Research.

how it is transmitted

Aids is mainly transmitted through bodily fluids like through having sex, anally, orally, or vaginal.

infectious period

The infectious period of aids is mainly the first few weeks of having it, that is kike when you start to notice that you have it etc....


The main way to prevent fro getting aids is to use a condom every time you and your partner have sex otherwise if you don't want to wear a condom and you don't want to wear a condom then don't have sex, or you could both be tested for it multiple times before you have sex.


There is no cure for aids/HIV but you can take medication for it. You would have to take a combination of drugs to take control of the virus and you would have to take them combined or in other words all together.

statues of the disease

more than 1.2 million people in the US are living with HIV and 1 in 8 or 12.8% of those people are unaware of the infection.