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A big thank you from all of us to all of you for all the treats left by the ghost that haunted our workroom.

Breakfast Treats

Who says sugary cereals are not suppose to be good for you? Thank you Secound Grade for our morning treats! Quote of the week; "I saw people eating cereal all day long"- Stephanie

Brown Bag Wine Tasting

This Friday before you take off to be with family and friends come sip some wine with your work family. Grab a bottle of wine (Two Buck Chuck, Screaming Eagle Cabernet) put it in a brown paper bag and come to Fernando's  (and Teri's) club house. Let us know how you feel.... about the wine. Come one come all, with or without a bottle even if you prefer water.

Brown Bag Wine Tasting

Friday, Nov. 22nd, 4:30pm

Whispering Water Dr

San Marcos, CA

Follow the direction from the Google Map below.

Go straight through the gate. Turn left into first drive way.

Save the Date

Our Holiday Party will be on Friday December 13. More news to come.

We can't do it with out You

It is not too late... Oh who am I kidding it is late but we are still accepting Social Committee dues.