the holocaust boy


these are the tattoos of the people that were in the concentration camps
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if you try to run

they would gas you in the chambers or they would of just shot you


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my view of the holocaust

overview of the holocaust : Hitler wanted to kill all of the Jews

concentration camp: it's where they put all the Jews

ghetto: they were moved from the houses before they got killed

anti Semitism: Hitler was against all the Jews

Gas chamber

In the camp it was well known that every transport was gassed after six months. I had been in the camp a month when the oldest transport was gassed. They took them immediately to the selection, at which the strongest men and women were sorted out. The remainder were gassed.

The croud, the family, the soldiers

This is a family taking a picture from the holocaust and some soldiers that just returned from home and it was like a parade or croud of familys
Holocaust Survivor Testimony: Otto Dov Pressburger