Hero and the Journey

Author and contributor: Jayna Ennis


Front Cover: This I Believe, Vocabulary

Page 1: Hall of Heros, Greek Heros

Page 2: Archetypes, A Hero's Journey

Page 3: Essential Questions

Back Cover: MLA Citations

This I Believe

I believe a hero is someone who you know will protect you. They are always there when you need them. A hero is a unique person. They have live in a normal world but have an unusual personality. They are kind, loving, and caring. They can make it through anything and still be a good person.

My hero is my uncle, Don Ennis. He has always protected me and is always there for me. He always has told me that he is there for me whenever I need him. He has a normal job in a normal world. He sets tents up for fairs and things like that. He also works casino nights when his company is called. Despite having to work at odd hours, my uncle has one of the best personalities I have ever seen. My uncle has always been there to talk when I call him, no matter what I need to talk about he listens and helps me through it. I have often talked to him about my dad, when I’m sad, mad, or even confused about him. When I think of his personality, it reminds me of funny movies with tad bits of seriousness in them. He is funny and loves to laugh, but he gets serious when he needs to. My uncle is very loving. He loves his job, and his family. He is also very caring. When my cousin hurt his knee, Uncle Don kept offering him rides in his truck, and gave him a good brace so he could walk around Christmas Town at the local amusement park. When I need to talk he is always there, and he is very understanding. My uncle is kind to anyone who is kind to him. My uncle went through many things similar to me. He has been in foster-care, has been in charge of his younger brother. My uncle has been through a lot in his life, I don’t even know all of it. What I do know is that it would be hard for me to be as good a person as he is if I went through his childhood. He is a kind, caring, and loving individual who is very protective of his family.


  1. archetype- the mold to follow
  2. complex character- character you know a lot about
  3. direct & indirect characterization- direct is when the author describes with descriptive words, indirect is when the author describes another way
  4. character purpose & motivation- what drives the character
  5. epic- a long poem describing the deeds of a hero
  6. epic hero- the hero in an epic
  7. round & dynamic / flat & static character- a round character you know a lot about, a dynamic character changes, a flat character you don't know much about, a static character doesn't change
  8. folk hero- someone admired by the ordinary people of a certain region
  9. myth- a traditional story that explains something
  10. theme/universal theme- the lesson of the story
  11. journey/quest- what a person goes through