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Ways to get rid of a Cyber Bully

Cyber bullying hurts. People may seem confident on the outside but on the inside they are hurting. Cyber bully is wrong. It hurts so many people. CyberBullies bully others so they can make themselves feel better about themselves. Over a few days you, you receive a series of insulting messages from someone at school. The best thing to do is Ignore/delete the first message; save any further messages; tell a parent or any other adult you trust. Don't ever send emails or messages back. You may not have the best judgement when your emotions are running high. It will only cause more drama. The best way to prove you've been to prove you've been a victim is to save screenshots of instances where you've been harassed

Stand Up for People

If your a by stander witnessing somebody getting cyber bullied or even bullied stand up. Don't just stand there and watch speak up and go tell a teacher or a near by adult. If we all speak up things might just change! Speak up and make a difference
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