The Invention of the gas powerd Car

By: Nick Holmes


Captain Nicolas Joseph Cugnot, invented a device that involved using a steam engine to help move heavy french cannons and artillery. This machine was three wheeled, could go as fast as 2mph and had to stop about every 20 minutes to build up new steam.
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François Isaac de Rivaz invented the first car with an engine that ran off of hydrogen. The first gas powered car was produced in 1886 by Karl Benz.
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October 1, 1908

The Model T was the first car that was mass produced so that the ordinary people could afford it. It was made by Henry Ford from the Ford Motor company which was based in Highland Michigan.
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The invention of motorized fire trucks replaced the steam and horse fire trucks. The new motorized fire truck was a breakthrough because they were able to go much faster and carry more aid to the fire.
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Prinz Heinrich invented one of the first sports cars called the 3 liter Prince Henry in 1910. Ferdinand Porsche as also on of the first sports car produces, he made the Vauxhall 20 hp and the 27/80PS Austro-Daimler.
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In the 1930s diesel engines were starting to be put into cars. However the engines were so big and heavy they didn't go into smaller cars and stays in bigger cars like trucks.
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The company Lamborghini is officially made by Ferruccio Lamborghini. There first car ever produced was the 350 gt super car.
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Impact Post

The car is one of the best and most useful inventions ever made. This device makes it extremely easy to visit relatives and get daily needs like going to the store. The car is probably the best invention next to electricity because now we all have an efficient way of getting around. Using horses was a decent way of transportation but then you had to feed, take care, shelter and clean up after them. With horses you also could only have a maximum of 2 to 3 people and with car you could get many more people in there if you needed to. There was also some bad that came out of cars, such as people getting into accidents and hurting people, speeding, drunk driving and bad emissions that pollute the environment. Overall the car makes everything easier and as long as everyone follows safety rules the no one will get hurt.

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