Put me in coach!

What to expect from the coaching process

On-demand, on-site, professional development.

If you've ever played sports, you know that great coaches can help you change the way you play the game. It's not that they take over your spot and play for you, but they teach you how to be more aware of the field and your role, how work to smarter, and how to refine your skills.

In the same way, Instructional Coaches provide an outside perspective of a teacher's practice and can help them perform at a higher level.

So what will happen during coaching?

We are in this together

  • Equality: Instructional coaches and teachers are equal partners, and your work together is confidential.
  • Choice: Teachers should have choice regarding what and how they learn.
  • Voice: Professional learning should empower and respect the voices of teachers.
  • Dialogue: Professional learning should enable authentic dialogue.
  • Reflection: Reflection is an integral part of professional learning.
  • Praxis: Teachers should apply their learning to their real-life practice as they are learning.
  • Reciprocity: Instructional coaches and teachers learn from each other.

How do I sign up?

Enroll with a coach - set up a time to meet by:

  1. Coming to see us in A130 or
  2. Emailing a coach

We'll make an appointment with you to get rolling.