Mayor Mahiah

Newest Info!

Mayor, Mahiah Banuelos, has been elected as mayor of Llamaville! As the Mayor she has requested we put an artical written by her about Alternative Energy. Read below to see her work!

Alternative Energy By: Mahiah Banuelos

Alternative energy comes in many different kinds. It comes in Wind energy, Biofuels/Biomass, Hydroelectric energy, Solar Energy, and Geothermal energy. These different types of energies help us do many things around the world. For example, Solar energy helps grow foods for us to purchase at the grocery store! Wind brings us cool, refreshing air, on a hot summer day. My point is, that using Alternative energy is so much better than using fossil fuels.

Pictures of Alternative energy


In the end of this you have learned that using Alternative energy is alot better and conserving than using fossil fuels. Using Alternative energy not is only better for the world but even when we need to use fossil fuels or a non-renewable resource, it conserves it.